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Our Story

We are architects and artists, bankers and ballplayers, designers and doctors, executives and entrepreneurs, musicians and models; all of us like to let loose regardless of our professions, convictions, or traditions.   With over 80 years of experience in fabricating high-quality garments and accessories for the world’s biggest brands, we decided it was time to forge ahead with our own innovative, original and timeless design concepts.  In short, we make apparel that is always comfortable and invariably modern, so you can look sharp while enjoying life's many virtues and vices. 

Weekend Vice is founded on the fundamental practices of:
  1. Limited production runs which allow great attention to detail and quality in each and every piece we create.
  2. Modern cuts and designs combined with functional, versatile looks, all without the eye-watering price tags of big-name makers.
  3. The singular durability and long-lasting quality of our clothes; a rarity in today's mass-produced world.

We look forward to continually pushing style boundaries and comfort with our Weekend Vice Warriors...Of Life & Leisure!



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